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White-Collar Crimes Attorney in Santa Cruz, California

Defending Your Rights In White Collar Cases

White collar crimes do not always involve crimes. Often they involve a misunderstanding of the law and the facts. Even where they do involve mistakes, I understand how to help my clients protect their rights and pursue fair treatment from the system.

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Personalized Lawyering To Help You Navigate The Legal System

I have stood with my clients for more than 20 years. As a result, I have developed an understanding of how the law really works, how judges and prosecutors view their white collar cases.

Committed Legal Counsel

I incorporate this knowledge into my advice to you. You will understand your legal options and how to choose from them intelligently. In doing so, you will also have the confidence of knowing that you are relying on the seasoned legal judgment of an experienced professional.

On your behalf, I challenge the state's case against you. When it offers you the best opportunity to protect your rights, I can also negotiate on your behalf to minimize any penalties. At all times, the prosecution will know that your rights are being defended by a criminal defense attorney with an established record in a variety of white collar matters, including:

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