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How to Prepare for a Title IX Hearing

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 banned discrimination in education at institutions that receive federal funding. The immediate effect was to achieve a form of parity between men’s and women’s sports scholarships in colleges and universities.

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Assault & Gang Crimes Defense in California

In more than two decades of practicing criminal defense in the Santa Cruz area, I have capably defended many people accused of assault and other violent crimes, including those alleged to be gang-related.

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Helping Good People Avoid Serious Penalties

It is a fact that at UCSC, CSUMB, Santa Clara and on other college campuses, in homes and schools, illegal drug use and sales are common. We all know plenty of people use pot, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and a wide range of other controlled substances.

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Understanding Title IX Allegations

Being a student accused of sexual assault or sexual misconduct on-campus or off-campus is a very serious matter. If you are a student at UCSC, CSUMB, or any other college in the Bay Area, and are facing such an allegation, it is imperative you seek experienced and effective legal assistance immediately.

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