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Driver's License Suspension Attorney in Santa Cruz, California

Your Driver's License Is At Risk

Will a suspended driver's license cost you your job or have other devastating consequences? Do you believe your license has been suspended or put under restriction unfairly because of a medical condition or your age? In either situation, you are entitled to a hearing if you act quickly after learning of the suspension.

Fast, Skilled Action Is Critical To Saving Your Driving Privilege

Your decision to contact an attorney who knows California DMV procedures extremely well could alter the outcome. I have represented many Californians who needed to protect their driving privileges, providing quality counsel and appropriate, often game-changing legal action.

The good news is that officers presiding over DMV hearings have more discretion than judges sentencing DUI offenders. On the challenging side, having any opportunity to save your license requires meeting nonnegotiable, tight deadlines — and having an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this complex system.

You Have Rights

Turn To A Lawyer Who Knows Area Criminal Courts And DMV Hearings

You may be facing license suspension due to a single serious driving incident characterized as reckless operation, misdemeanor traffic violations, or an accumulation of traffic infractions and points against your license resulting in your being designated a "negligent operator."

If you have been charged with DUI or as a minor in possession of alcohol, a lengthy driver's license suspension is one of the serious consequences you face. Any criminal and traffic charges are treated separately from the DMV's driver's license suspension action. I help my clients evaluate and navigate both matters as productively as possible.

Depending on your exact situation, we may be able to pursue alternative outcomes, including:

  • Avoiding any driver's license suspension at all

  • Reducing the length of your suspension

  • Obtaining a restricted license that allows you to drive to work with another responsible adult, or under other specific circumstances

In many cases, we can influence the outcome by ensuring your conduct and any testimony at the hearing is appropriate and effective. Applying many years of experience, I can help you focus and know what information to provide. In medical suspension cases, I will advise you of steps that may change your outcome — such as obtaining doctor's letters or asking for limited privileges based on your needs.

Remember, for action that may save your license, it is essential to contact me within 10 days of your arrest or suspension date.