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Domestic Violence Attorney in Santa Cruz, California

Driving For Facts And Fairness In Domestic Violence Cases

Tragic instances of domestic violence and abuse occur every day, and I would never minimize their consequences. Unfortunately, people also make false allegations and exaggerate — and the victims of these acts are entitled to have their rights vigorously protected by a strong lawyer.

Call For Responsive, Practical Counsel In A Domestic Violence Case

You may have just learned that when police respond to a domestic disturbance, someone almost always goes to jail — even where there is little or no evidence of physical violence. Contact me now for help. I am able to respond to nighttime or weekend calls, and I will know what to do throughout every phase of your case — beginning with helping you obtain bail and jail release if needed.

Tell Your Side of the Story

Serious Representation To Avoid Far-Reaching Consequences

Make no mistake: A conviction for domestic assault or other domestic violence offense can bring extremely serious penalties and collateral outcomes you may not even have considered. This is no traffic ticket. Consequences can include:

  • Jail time and a long period of probation

  • A restraining order/protective order that allows no access or only restricted access to your home, and even your children

  • A 10-year ban on your possession of any firearm

  • Loss of your job in law enforcement, security or certain other fields

  • A criminal record that limits future employment prospects and restricts you from other activities that require background checks

If you know you made a mistake and want to minimize the consequences, you can count on my negotiating skills and knowledge of sentencing alternatives. I am also a proven trial attorney capable of destroying the prosecution's case if you are the victim of a false allegation motivated by anger, money, revenge, or the desire to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody fight.

Dedicated Representation For Californians

I represent people in the Santa Cruz, Monterey and greater San Francisco Bay Area, including nearby California counties of Monterey, San Mateo and Alameda. I know domestic violence impacts executives, professionals and working-class people alike — and, for many, this is their first encounter with law enforcement.

The stress a domestic violence charge brings calls for a calm, experienced attorney who will examine the situation and be able to explain and pursue all legal paths to help you overcome it. Please contact me today for this level of personal attention.