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DUI Attorney in Santa Cruz, California

Protecting Your Freedom and Driver's License

Since I became an attorney in 1990, I have seen California DUI laws become ever stricter and enforcement efforts far more aggressive. Today, most people recognize any charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (often called DUI, or sometimes DWI) is serious.

Avoiding jail time may be your first priority. However, a driver's license suspension that costs you your job can be even more devastating. In the Santa Cruz area or anywhere from Oakland to Palo Alto and Hollister to Salinas and Monterey, you can contact me for personal attention to the specifics of your DUI case, realistic advice and an honest assessment of what outcomes are within reach.

Knowledge Of Effective Defenses And Where Negotiation Is Possible

In today's fiercely anti-drunk driving climate, a lot can ride on the results of your blood alcohol level (BAL) test. Applying solid knowledge of the science involved and previous successful defenses, I look hard at circumstances surrounding your breath, blood, or urine tests, including:

  • Accuracy of the specific equipment used

  • Training and competence of the operator

  • Experience of the arresting officer

Don't Let a DUI Derail Your Life

Putting My Experience To Work In Finding The Best Path For You

It can be a costly mistake to believe those who may tell you having a lawyer cannot make a difference. This depends on the circumstances of your arrest — along with the knowledge and skill of the attorney. Whether you are dealing with a first-offense misdemeanor DUI, a felony DUI with injuries involved, or you have prior convictions, I have handled dozens of comparable cases and obtained positive results.

As in so many other situations involving California criminal charges or DMV actions, such as driver's license suspension, taking fast action can be critical. I urge you to contact me now if you have been arrested for DUI. If it just happened, and there are questionable circumstances, there may be a possibility of negotiating with the DA before your case is ever filed. To have any hope of keeping your driving privilege, we must submit a request for a DMV hearing within 10 days.

How we ultimately approach your DUI case must be guided by your individual priorities. I will be honest and direct on whether attempting to beat the charge makes sense. I will also understand which consequences are most critical and what type of sentencing alternatives may be acceptable for you.

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