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Understanding Title IX Allegations

Sept. 21, 2021

Being a student accused of sexual assault or sexual misconduct on-campus or off-campus is a very serious matter. If you are a student at UCSC, CSUMB, or any other college in the Bay Area, and are facing such an allegation, it is imperative you seek experienced and effective legal assistance immediately. You may have been contacted by the campus police department, the Office of Student Conduct, the Dean of Students, or the Campus Title IX Office about the situation. This is understandably a very scary and stressful time and that is why you should say nothing to any campus official or investigator until you have consulted with an experienced Title IX defense attorney in Santa Cruz.

College Student Facing A Sexual Assault Charge? Now Is The Time To Get Over 20 Years Of Experience On Your Side

I am criminal defense attorney Andrew C. Janecki. I have been practicing in the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Area since 1990, focusing on representing everyday people accused of all types of crimes. I have also extensively handled college student crimes, including those related to Title IX sexual misconduct accusations. A case involving Title IX is unique and often involves representing a student in both a criminal investigation/prosecution and/or an on-campus Title IX administrative action. I help students get through either — or both — situations using my many years of experience.

There is much at stake when you have your whole future ahead of you. A criminal record can seriously hamper future job and career potential. Even if a criminal conviction is avoided, a long academic suspension — or even dismissal from the campus — is a possibility in these situations. Your reputation and academic future are on the line and that is why I am here to aggressively defend and assist you against any charges both on campus and in the courtroom. (See UCSC Student Handbook).

Title IX Investigations

Whenever there is an allegation of sexual misconduct or assault on a campus involving a student, federal law comes into play requiring that the college or university conduct an investigation of their own. This is under federal civil rights law Title IX. This body of law mandates that even in the absence of a criminal investigation and/or prosecution, a college or university shall independently hold disciplinary hearings and take actions they deem necessary after their own thorough investigation. (See UCSC Policy on Sexual Violence and Harassment).

Due to this law, many colleges and universities have their own policies and offices to handle such matters. The policies are unique to each one and can be confusing. Your campus may have an Office of Student Conduct or a Title IX Office that may have reached out to you. You may have already received a summons letter from the Campus Title IX Office via campus email and even a "NO CONTACT ORDER" requiring you to stay away from another student. This is also sometimes called a "NO CONTACT DIRECTIVE." If you are a student, faculty and or member of the campus staff and have received such a letter from the Title IX office, contact my law office immediately.

Contact Me ASAP in Santa Cruz

I encourage you to not wait to seek legal counsel if you are facing a Title IX investigation. While the situation is stressful, the sooner you get an experienced advocate to help you through the process, the better. I make myself available 24/7 to both students and concerned parents who are understandably worried and concerned about this very serious matter. I offer free initial consultations. You can contact me online or call my office.