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Title IX FAQs

Law Offices of Andrew C. Janecki Jan. 19, 2023

Title IX word represented by wooden letter tilesYou may have heard of the landmark national legislation known as Title IX, but you may not fully understand all that it entails. Or, you may only know that it’s helped female athletes in all educational institutions gain an equal footing with men as far as athletic opportunities, scholarships, and access to sports facilities. However, the basis of Title IX is centered around discrimination and because of this, it plays a huge part in addressing sexual assault, student misconduct, and professor misconduct issues.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Title IX 

What Is Title IX?  

The original Title IX legislation was passed in 1972 and it prohibits anyone from being discriminated against on the basis of their sex regarding access to education or educational programs and activities.  

What Are Common Title IX Cases?  

The most common Title IX cases revolve around sexual harassment or sexual discrimination in an educational setting. This could include sexist or derogatory remarks made by a professor or teacher toward a student, women not having access to the same quality of sports facilities, stalking or sexually suggestive comments, sexual assault or battery, non-consensual sexual encounters, or bullying and abuse. 

Who Is Protected by Title IX?  

While the bulk of Title IX cases are brought about by women, the law protects everyone from discrimination based on their sex. 

What Is Sex Discrimination?  

Sex discrimination is a broad term that’s used to describe any unfavorable actions or comments aimed toward a group or individual because of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  

What Do I Do If I’ve Been a Victim?  

First of all, if you’ve been the victim of sexual violence or assault, you should contact the police immediately and file a report. After you’ve done this and made sure you’re physically safe and cared for, you should report it to the Title IX coordinator at your school immediately. Every educational institution that receives federal funding is required to have a coordinator on campus.  

If you don’t feel your school is handling the situation correctly, you should contact an attorney with experience investigating Title IX incidents. 

What Are the Time Limits to File a Title IX Complaint?  

Most Title IX complaints must be filed within 90 days of the incident occurring. This is a rather short timeline, but there are exceptions to this statute of limitations in certain instances. However, even if you feel you’re outside of this complaint window, you should still report the incident to your coordinator.  

If you need further assistance addressing the issue or feel you have a valid reason for reporting late, contact a local attorney who can help you gather evidence to support your case. 

How Can an Attorney Help? 

An experienced criminal defense attorney can walk you through the steps of how to file for Title IX protections. Alternatively, if you feel you’ve been unfairly accused of a Title IX violation and want to speak with someone about the possible penalties associated with this or your options for defenses, a skilled attorney can be an invaluable resource. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you need someone who will truly listen to your side of the story, give you honest and informed advice, and defend your rights.  

Fight for Your Rights  

If you’re in the Santa Cruz, California area and feel you have a Title IX case, reach out to me at the Law Offices of Andrew C. Janecki. I have experience working with both the complainants and respondents in these cases. Let me help you seek the justice you deserve.