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Assault & Gang Crimes Defense in California

Dec. 20, 2021

A Tenacious Lawyer For Your California Assault Case

In more than two decades of practicing criminal defense in the Santa Cruz area, I have capably defended many people accused of assault and other violent crimes, including those alleged to be gang-related. Whether you are facing an assault charge or seeking representation for your son or daughter, I encourage you to contact me, attorney Andrew C. Janecki. The initial consultation will be free.

Defense On Charges Arising From Fights, Roadway Incidents And Personal Disputes

My experience extends to dealing productively with charges such as:

  • All types of assault charges and battery charges, including serious felonies involving use of a weapon or resulting in serious injury

  • Allegations of domestic assault and other domestic violence charges

  • Murder/homicide and attempted murder

Whether the charges you face arose from a bar fight, an altercation on our highways or streets, or problems in a personal relationship, I can thoroughly assess your case and find the best defense approach. Consequences in all such cases can be life-changing — especially if authorities claim the action was a gang crime.

Uncovering False Allegations And Building The Best Case For You

If you are being victimized by false accusations or a misunderstanding, my mission will be to destroy the prosecution's case and prove your innocence. If important circumstances of your case must be brought to light, I make it happen. These may include:

  • Mistaken identity

  • False accusations driven by your accuser's personal motives

  • Inaccurate portrayal of your involvement in an attack, including the attachment of gang crime enhancements

Put A Proven Negotiator And Trial Attorney On Your Side

I not only have experience in dozens of jury trials, but also have the proven skills to negotiate outcomes such as dismissals, pleas to reduced charges, treatment and probation, and other sentencing alternatives.

If you need an aggressive attorney for assault defense but you communicate best in Spanish, I can help you. You can benefit from my deep knowledge of the law and familiarity with courts throughout Santa Cruz, Alameda, Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo or Santa Clara counties.

If you are concerned a public defender will not put in the effort your case requires, or hiring a private attorney may mean paying fees for no positive results, please contact me now. I will answer your questions and help you decide how best to handle your case.