Advocating For Students Who Deserve Another Chance

If you or your child has been charged as a minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), you may have been shocked to learn that there is more to this than paying a ticket and fine. One of the penalties for this charge in California is a one-year driver's license suspension. Only by acting very quickly will you have a chance to avoid this serious outcome and others.

These cases can be time-sensitive. Contact me as soon as you can to give us the best chance to protect your rights or those of your child.

There Is Room For Negotiation In Many Minor In Possession Cases

I have responded to many students and parents, moving in to handle minor in possession cases on short notice when necessary. I am well-equipped to handle both the filing for a hearing on your driver's license suspension and negotiations involving the criminal charge. I also deal effectively with other serious criminal misdemeanors and felonies, including DUI/DWI charges.

We can explore ways to avoid a driver's license suspension that can be crippling for college students and working youth. In cases throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, I have negotiated sentencing alternatives, including:

  • Dismissals through the deferred entry of judgment program
  • Diversion programs that may involve completing an alcohol abuse education course and completing community service

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Any criminal conviction can haunt a young person in a variety of ways. I encourage you to contact me, attorney Andrew C. Janecki, for caring, straightforward legal counsel and action to protect your future.