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Good kids make mistakes. A good kid may find himself or herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A good kid may get caught up in circumstances beyond his or her control. This can all be part of growing up, but unfortunately some of these mistakes have lifelong consequences. While the adult criminal justice system is geared toward punishment and removal from society, our juvenile system is oriented toward prevention and rehabilitation. As a result, juvenile case workers and judges are more inclined to give a troubled teen a second chance in the hopes he or she will not enter the adult criminal system later.

At the Law Offices of Andrew C. Janecki, I help young people get the assistance and second chance they need to turn their lives around. In cases involving underage DUI or drug possession, I direct parents and teens toward counseling programs and other resources that provide the help the juvenile courts expect young people to get after an arrest for drugs or alcohol.

At the Law Offices of Andrew C. Janecki in Santa Cruz, California, I will work to minimize the long-term effects of your child’s mistake. Whether your child has been charged with vandalism or minor alcohol possession, I have the juvenile court experience to effectively represent your child.

Juvenile Court: Better With Experienced Juvenile Lawyers

Juvenile courts are not the same as adult criminal court. The procedural rules change between the two courtrooms, as do the guaranteed constitutional protections. Perhaps most importantly, though, the two types of courts have different goals; while much of criminal court focuses simply on punishment, juvenile court is more oriented toward rehabilitation. The goal is to keep kids from getting in trouble with the law later in life.

Because of these differences, it’s important to have an attorney with experience in juvenile court rather than just a general criminal defense lawyer. I have been representing kids involved in the juvenile court system for years, addressing a wide range of criminal charges, including minor alcohol possession, minor drug possession, minor possession of paraphernalia and minor DUI.

While the court may appoint an attorney to resolve your son’s or daughter’s case, hiring an experienced juvenile defense lawyer ensures he or she will receive the attention and care he or she needs and deserves. My understanding of the juvenile court system means I know how to work with case workers, arresting officers and judges in reaching a solution that makes sense and hopefully avoids juvenile lockup and more serious penalties.

Exploring Sentencing Alternatives

As your child’s attorney, I will explore options beyond juvenile detention throughout the legal proceedings. If your child is ultimately convicted, I will seek to mitigate the consequences and the punishments, exploring alternative sentencing arrangements such as electronic home monitoring, volunteer service hours or informal probation handling.

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