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The Legal Knowledge, Skill And Judgment You Need

Based in Santa Cruz, I have been practicing throughout the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. My exclusive focus has been criminal defense — protecting the rights and futures of my fellow Californians in negotiations, trials and appeals. For you, this means I know the laws, the courts and many of the officials who may impact your future.

After A DUI Arrest, You Must Schedule A DMV Hearing

After you are arrested for DUI, you have only 10 days to request a DMV hearing before your license is automatically suspended. For this reason, it is essential you schedule a DMV hearing and contact an attorney to begin preparing your defense.

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Taking fast action may be critical for your future. I encourage you to contact me now for a free consultation. I take pride in being an honest, experienced and tenacious protector of all my clients’ rights.

An Adept Negotiator And Trial Lawyer With Deep Insight Into The System

If you are innocent or your rights have been violated, I will do everything possible to prove just that — as I have done in winning acquittals in jury trials. My courtroom strengths include:

  • Convincing, effective presentation of facts to a jury
  • Strong, revealing questioning of witnesses
  • A solid balance of aggressiveness and calm diplomacy

Santa Cruz Criminal Defense Attorney — Understanding Your Rights

More often, proactive, skilled negotiation is what you need to get through a bad situation and avoid crippling consequences for you and your family. I have obtained case dismissals, reduction of charges, deferred entries of judgment and sentencing alternatives such as drug treatment and other diversion programs for many California adults and juveniles facing:

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Unfortunately, the ultimate outcome of criminal and traffic cases often hinges on your initial confusion about what to do. I urge you to contact me, attorney Andrew C. Janecki, to get valuable information you need and start discussing alternatives you may not have considered.