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Santa Cruz Embezzlement Defense Attorney

A Proven Lawyer for Embezzlement or Theft Defense

No one is above temptation or immune to false allegations. Many charges of embezzlement and other forms of theft arise from a single mistake, someone's desperate financial circumstances, or a misunderstanding of workplace rules and guidelines.

I understand, and I find legal solutions that preserve people's futures. When you contact me for a free initial consultation, you can tell me your story, get a strong understanding of consequences and begin thinking through your options.

Embezzlement — Fraud — White Collar Crimes — Workplace Theft

If you are facing charges of embezzlement, fraud, or workplace theft, I have the experience to investigate and build the best possible case for you. In the vast majority of these cases, I have found myself working with an otherwise law-abiding citizen who misunderstood their rights, had a plan to replace what they took, or made a mistake they now regret because of serious financial pressure.

I have defended people accused of various white collar crimes, as well as those accused of taking clothes and other merchandise from their retail employers. Your decision to contact an attorney as soon as you know you are under suspicion can make a huge difference.

Strength at Trial and in Negotiations for Reduced Consequences

If allegations against you are false or exaggerated, I will do everything necessary to bring out the facts and obtain a dismissal or acquittal. If, however, the evidence against you is strong, you can depend on me to negotiate assertively for consequences that you can live with, including pleas or sentencing alternatives that:

  • Avoid or minimize jail time
  • Enable you to get needed counseling for financial problems or addiction
  • Allow you to pay restitution over time in lieu of other heavy consequences

Call A Santa Cruz, California, Attorney who Knows Area Courts and Officials

Once I have an understanding of the case and your priorities, we can begin taking firm, worthwhile steps to get you through the ordeal with minimal damage, so you can move on in your life. For counsel and representation you can trust in your defense against embezzlement or another financial or property crime, please contact me today.

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